Hamilton County Juvenile Court works closely with community partners to improve the lives of the children served by the Court. Young people who come before the Court on a first-time traffic, low-level delinquency or unruly charge may be able to complete a diversion program.

Traffic Diversion

Young people with first time, low-level traffic offenses are offered the opportunity to participate in the Traffic Diversion program to correct poor driving behaviors. Contact Tiffany Smith, tlsmith@juvcourt.hamilton-co.org, 513-946-9420.

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Other Diversion Programming

Whenever possible, Hamilton County Juvenile Court seeks to divert youth charged for the first time with low-level, non-violent offenses from formal processing. We have programs to identify and connect young people to individualized services and programming while still holding them accountable for their actions. If the requirements of the diversion program are successfully completed, charges are dismissed, without a Court record of the incident. HCJC Diversion Programs include the following:

  • Community Courts: Some communities, in coordination with HCJC, offer diversion opportunities to youth in their neighborhoods. Low level, non-violent offenses are referred by either local police agencies or HCJC to these dockets. Diversion hearings are held on-site in the community by community members. Communities with these diversion courts include: Price Hill, Avondale, Montgomery, Delhi, Harrison, Cheviot and Madisonville.
  • Mental Health Diversion Dockets: HCJC offers special dockets designed to provide interventions and support for youth with a mental health diagnosis. We partner with Lighthouse Youth and Family Services to provide therapeutic interventions, educational and prosocial activities to change delinquent behavior and address mental health issues. Youth and their families receive regular in-home individual and family therapy, case management services, and educational advocacy and coordination.
  • School-based Offenses and Truancy: HCJC partners with local school districts to hold diversion hearings in the district for youth charged with school-based offenses or truancy. A hearing officer from HCJC and school personnel work together with youth and their parents/guardians to develop an action plan or recommend specific services designed to change school behavior, improve attendance and promote school success. Districts that offer school-based diversion models include Northwest Local Schools, Cincinnati Public Schools (Aiken and Western Hills University High Schools), Winton Woods City School District, the Hamilton County Educational Services Center, Oak Hills Local School District, Sycamore Community Schools, Loveland City Schools and Mariemont City Schools.
  • Substance Abuse Diversion: Youth charged for the first time with low-level drug and alcohol related offenses are offered the opportunity to participate in the Substance Abuse Diversion Program. This program requires that the young person undergo an assessment to identify and implement treatment options that will address underlying substance abuse issues.