FAQs & Court Terms

Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Court Questions

800 Broadway in downtown Cincinnati in the main headquarters for the Court. Street parking is available or there is a pay lot behind our building at 425 E. Court St. Court hours are 8am to 4pm.

The Youth Detention Center is located at 2020 Auburn Ave. It is a 24-hour facility with parking at the front entrance.

The Assessment Center is located at 264 William Howard Taft Road. Parking is available in the back. Hours are Monday-Tuesday, 8am to 6pm, Wednesday-Friday, 8am to 4pm. No filings are taken after 6pm or on weekends.

Custody 513-946-9377
Child Support 513-946-9345
Visitation 513-946-9377
Dependency 513-946-9377
Delinquency (criminal) 513-946-9329
Traffic 513-946-9420
Unofficial Docket 513-946-7653

Please know that we can share basic information like Court dates or zoom information. However to obtain copied of entries or any other personal information, you need to come to the Court in person with valid identification.

1. A photo identification form such as a driver's license
2. A birth certificate for each child
3. Addresses for the person or persons who have custody or custodial rights of the minor child or children, such as mom, dad, or grandparent

If you cannot afford to pay filing fees, please bring proof of income, such as the last two paystubs, unemployment records, or public assistance determinations.

Your child's probation officer will guide you and your child through the process. If you have questions, call the Probation Department at 513-946-9270.

Cincinnati Public and other local school systems require a non-mother to have custody or show or show proof that filing for custody is underway to enroll a child in school.

A grandparent may apply for "power of attorney" or "caretaker authorization".

Call 513-946-9200 extension 5 for additional support and information.

Most first time, low-level traffic offenses are offered the opportunity to participate in the Traffic Diversion program. Download the information packet on our Diversion page, and/or contact Tiffany Smith, tlsmith@juvcourt.hamilton-co.org, or call 513-946-9420.

Someone from the detention center has likely reached out to you with next steps. If you have questions, call 513-946-2600 or stop by the Youth Detention Center at 2020 Auburn Ave. Park in the front of the building and enter the front doors.


The language of Juvenile Court is different from adult court. If you have an attorney, they will help you navigate the terms and the process. You may also ask anyone you encounter at the Court for help. We hope the glossary of terms for each service area of the Court will help increase your understanding of the words we use.

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