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Hamilton County Juvenile Court



Hamilton County Juvenile Court Cincinnati, Ohio

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Psychology Department

The purpose of the Psychology Clinic is to provide mental health evaluations for the Juvenile Court at the request of judges, magistrates, probation officers, and both prosecuting and defense attorneys. The evaluations are to determine whether juvenile offenders are competent to stand trial, appropriate for waiver, and to assist in dispositional planning. Occasionally, referrals from the dependency docket request clinic staff to assist in custody matters.

All residents of the Juvenile Court Youth Center are assessed upon admission to determine whether they are high risk for suicidal ideation. The youth are given a high-risk assessment by the Clinic staff to re-evaluate whether that high-risk classification is appropriate. The clinic staff is also required to evaluate Youth Center residents due to psychotic behavior, suicidal attempts and threats, unprovoked assaults, suicidal ideation, behavioral or emotional changes, status downgrade and requests for counseling. If a youth was psychotic, or made a suicidal attempt or threat, clinic staff follows up on that youth. Follow-up, collateral visits are crucial in providing beneficial mental health services to the youth.

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