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Hamilton County Juvenile Court



Hamilton County Juvenile Court Cincinnati, Ohio

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Many of the required forms for Hamilton County Juvenile Court are available for download. We have online forms and information for the following topics:

Appeals and Objections

Consent to Marry

Custody, Companionship and Grandparent

Delinquency, Unruly and Traffic


Foreign Decree

Juvenile Protection Orders



Record Expungement

Record Sealing


Utility Forms

Waiver of 90 Day Time Requirement

Many of our individual forms are available in two formats for your convenience: PDF documents and Microsoft Word documents with form fields. Basic form packets are available in PDF format only, and include all of the required forms. Conditional forms, those not needed in all situations, are not included in the basic packet and are available on the individual forms page for that topic.

Which file format is best for you?

PDF documents
These are used with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader application, you can download it here. Pick this format if you want to just view them or to print them out and and then complete them by hand. You cannot type in these documents.

Microsoft Word documents with form fields
These are used with the Microsoft Word application. Pick this format if you have Microsoft Word and you want to type your information in the document and then print it. While completing the form, use the Tab key to move between fields.



Questions regarding forms?

Please call (513) 946-9431 and ask for the Clerk's Office.

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