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Hamilton County Juvenile Court Cincinnati, Ohio
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Frequently Asked Questions

Judges and Magistrates

Q. What is the difference between a Judge and a Magistrate?

A. Judges are elected and Magistrates are appointed by the Judge.

Q. What kinds of cases do the Judges hear?

A. Three types of cases:

1. Cases referred by the Magistrates where it appears that a juvenile may need to be institutionalized in a secure facility operated by the state or for possible relinquishment of jurisdiction to the adult Court. 

2. Cases where a party has objected to the decision of a Magistrate.

3. Adult cases where there is a possibility of jail time (misdemeanors and contempt).

Q. What are the qualifications to become a Judge or Magistrate?

A. Judges and Magistrates are required to be lawyers in good standing.

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