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Hamilton County Juvenile Court Cincinnati, Ohio
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Frequently Asked Questions

Intervention Unit

Q. How can I be referred to the Intervention Unit?

A. You can be referred if you and your child meet the following criteria:

1. You and your child reside in Hamilton County and you have legal custody or guardianship.

2. Your child has no prior juvenile record in Hamilton County.

3. The child is not currently in placement or on foster care status.

4. The child is unruly, incorrigible or beyond your care, custody and control.

If you and your child meet these criteria, you can fill out a referral at the Juvenile Court Intake Office at The Youth Center, 2020 Auburn Avenue.

Q. What services do you provide?

A. We provide intervention, counseling services and parent support groups. When a referral is received, an Intervention Unit Counselor will contact you within 72 hours. Our intention is to schedule an appointment with you and your child within seven to ten days. On the date of the appointment, the problem will be discussed with you and your child, in an effort to find a workable solution. Our services are free to all Hamilton County residents.

Q. Will my child have a criminal record?

A. An incorrigible or unruly child is not processed officially. An incorrigible or unruly child must be referred to the Intervention Unit. An unruly child is not considered a criminal and does not acquire a criminal record.

Q. What if my child is a runaway?

A. A runaway child can receive an official complaint and a warrant. However, the case is referred to the Intervention Unit prior to an official Court hearing. A runaway complaint does go on your child's record, but it is identified as a status offense, not a criminal offense.

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