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Hamilton County Juvenile Court



Hamilton County Juvenile Court Cincinnati, Ohio

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800 Broadway - Judges' Office

Melissa Powers Kari L. Bloom
Administrative Judge, January 1, 2021 - Present Judge, February 14, 2021 - Present
Judge, 2017 - December 31, 2020


To achieve excellence in the performance of the responsibilities of the Juvenile Court, providing quality services for the positive development of children, the safety of the community and the preservation of the family unit.


We believe that all children have inherent value.

We respect all people and appreciate their diversity.

We perform our statutory responsibilities with the highest ethical and professional standards.

Staff is our most important resource. We value personal growth, creativity, and leadership, which require an on-going program of staff training and development.

We are each accountable for our own area of responsibility and jointly accountable for the effective operation of all Court systems.

We routinely evaluate the effectiveness of our service delivery systems and seek significant improvement.

We promote partnerships to enhance our services to the community and provide leadership for children's issues at the local, state and national level.

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